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That heart-wrenching feeling you get when you are on the train, miss your stop and end up in Timbuktu is an unwelcome and all-too-familiar experience. Fret no more gentlemen, loaded has the answer to save your otherwise oblivious self. With loaded’s new DrunkAlarm, you can get royally Sepp Blatter’ed and still wake at the right station.

With an optional snooze and sounds your Nokia 3310 only dreams of, the DrunkAlarm even monitors multiple stops - so you and your mates and/or lonely self can now pass out without having to worry about having to phone the wife or girlfriend begging to be picked up from the next town. The Facebook-friendly app also uploads photos direct to loaded, so the aftermath of your shot competition can become an internet sensation quicker than you can say hangover.

- Monitor multiple stops on your journey
- Optional Snooze settings
- Customisable alarm sounds
- Editable Alarms
- Send a Drunk Snap into loaded!
- Facebook sharing support

**Please Note **.

-The DrunkAlarm uses GPS to detect your location and therefore will only work when a GPS signal is available.

-Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
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