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The Quiksilver Pro New York app is your guide to the first ever World Tour event held on the East Coast. From helpful information like the entire event schedule, to the best ways to get out to Long Beach, it’s a great resource for anyone interested in or attending this year’s comp.

Welcome: A New York state of mind.

The Venue: How will the World Tour fare at Long Beach?

Surf – Men’s Contenders: It’s good to know people with money. Meet the guys most likely to go home with a record prize purse.

Skate: You think Slater is gnarly? Tony Hawk won 12 vert world champs in a row.

Moto: Legendary moto madman Travis Pastrana will be flying through the New York airspace.

Music And Beach Village: From bands on the beach to special events in the city.

Event Schedule: The when and where of all the action.

Event Map: The lay of the land at Long Beach.

Digital Life: From webcasts to apps to mobile viewing, experience the Quik Pro NY in any way you like.

Hit List: There are literally a million things to do in New York. Here’s a few recommendations to narrow it down.

10 Things: You Didn’t Know About NY surfing
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