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Introducing 'cafe', a community service for people just like you!

Why 'cafe'?

Well our cafe community is a place where you can relax with a coffee, put your feet up and chat about your favorite interests with likeminded people! The perfect place to make new friends, engage in exciting chats, and find out more about the things that interest you in life!

◎ Have a look at the typical cafe scenarios:

-Mummy 'A' has just got pregnant and she’s got a load of questions, but her friends around her are not even married yet.
Typical questions such as, "when am I going to get morning sickness? Is giving birth really painful? What sort of foods shall I eat?" can only be answered by people who have experienced this.

The perfect place to get genuine answers from real people: cafe+

-Mr. 'B' is a holiday freak, and has been to over 30 destinations around the globe. But he wants more! He wants to share his passion for travel, tell people where he's been and also ask about the places he hasn't, especially back-packing!

-Are you still reading this?
Then start joining cafes now and let out what's on your mind!
Mummy A and Mr. B found their perfect cafes, and now it’s your turn.

There is sure to be a cafe that's perfect for you!

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