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For over 20 years, emergency medicine students and practitioners have turned to Emergency Medicine Secrets for the answers that routinely confront them in the ED. The effective question-and-answer format and easy-to-read style provide an ideal review for examinations, rounds, and clinical discussions.

For the first time, this popular volume in the Secrets Series® has been formatted for mobile presentation. This exciting, new app delivers the same high-quality content with new features that enhance the navigation, review, and educational value of this rich resource.

- Presents Top 100 Secrets linked to all related questions throughout all chapters
- Self-assess your knowledge of emergency medicine using the Q/A flashcard feature that allows you to view the question, formulate an answer, then compare with the expert answer with the touch of a screen.
- Identify your areas of strength and weakness with the ability to mark correct/incorrect answers, then quickly navigate to the specific questions for further review or study.
- Review all Key Point boxes at one time for a quick overview.
- Quickly browse by topic or category or search by keyword.
- Make and save notes
- Available for the iPhone® and iPad™

Decision Making in Emergency Medicine
Primary Complaints
Nontraumatic Illness
Central Nervous System
Respiratory System
Cardiovascular System
Gastrointe3stinal Tract
Genitourinary Tract
Metabolism and Endocrinology
Infectious Disease
Environmental Emergencies
Neonatal and Childhood Disorders
Toxicologic Emergencies
Gynecology and Obstetrics
Behavioral Emergencies
Emergency Medicine Administration and Risk Management
Emergency medical Services Systems and Mass Casualty Incidents
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