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Clinical Ophthalmology: A Synopsis for iPhone® and iPad™

Identify and manage virtually any common ophthalmic disorder with Kanski’s legendary clinical images and guidance.

This app is a mobile edition of Jack Kanski’s bestselling and trusted resource Clinical Ophthalmology: A Synopsis. Each condition is systematically presented for easy access to key information, covering all areas of ophthalmology with over 1,200 clinical images. Easily scroll through the chapters or search by topic to instantly view hundreds of ocular diseases. Ideally used as a revision guide to those preparing for examinations, as well as the busy clinician on the go requiring a quick reference to a particular diagnostic or therapeutic problem.


Over 1,200 outstanding clinical images with pinch & zoom functionality
Key points, diagnostic and treatment advice presented consistently for each condition
Covers all common ocular disorders seen in every day practice
Quickly browse by chapter or by search results
Bookmark and add notes to relevant topics for quick reference
The Synopsis is based on Jack Kanski’s major reference Clinical Ophthalmology: A Systematic Approach
Available for iPhone/iPad

1. Ocular Examination Techniques
2. Imaging Techniques
3. Developmental Malformations and Anomalies
4. Eyelids
5. Lacrimal Drainage System
6. Orbit
7. Dry Eye Disorders
8. Conjunctiva
9. Cornea
10. Corneal and Refractive Surgery
11. Episclera and Sclera
12. Lens
13. Glaucoma
14. Uveitis
15. Ocular Tumours and Related Conditions
16. Retinal Vascular Disease
17. Acquired Macular Disorders
18. Fundus Dystrophies
19. Retinal Detachment
20. Strabismus
21. Neuro-ophthalmology
22. Drug-induced Disorders
23. Trauma
24. Systemic Diseases
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