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Would you like to memorize the GRE words and remember them forever? Deluxe Words provides you a fun and effective learning approach to mastering tough English vocabulary for standardized tests such as GRE, SAT and ACT. New words go into your long term memory through:

- Mnemonics that connect words, their meaning with a visual image
- Fun visual pictures
- Usage sentences

This is an intuitive way to learn hundreds of new words using illustrations with a help of simiple mnemonics. Improve your GRE vocabulary and verbal score faster than with any other vocabulary app!


* Word mnemonic - a simple phrase to help you connect words and their meanings.
* Visual images to make learning fun – let your brain pick up an image forever. Each word has a picture.
* Usage sentences - so you can see an example how a word is used.
* Word etymology - in case you are curious where a word comes from.
* Slideshow of words and pictures to automate your study and word reviews.
* Create your own list of words using "Custom Words" and "Tough Words" categories.
* Your test result statistics to help you track your progress and what you need to review.
* Quickly check any words in the main internet dictionaries.
* Search words in the dictionary.
* Each words has an illustration, usage example, etymology and memorization phrase.
* More than 250 high frequency GRE words with and illustrations and mnemonics for each word!

If you want to try it for free, check out lite version: Deluxe Words Lite.

If you like Deluxe Words, please write us a review on iTunes. Your support would greatly help us make the application even better!

Would you like to suggest a feature? Let us know!
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October 28 2011
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