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Duas of Muhammad(Pbuh) is a Collection of Beatiful Duas/Supplications from the Authentic Traditons of our beloved Prophet Muhammad(Pbuh).

Plus Enjoy App Features Like:

=>> Email Share
=>> Facebook Share
=>> Favorites

Also Includes:

=> Arabic Text
=> English Translation
=> References from the Hadith

The App includes the following Duas:

* Dua for Morning & Evening
* Duas after Seeing of a Dream
* Duas on Awakening from Sleep
* Dua for Entering & Exiting Home
* Duas for Entering & Exiting Toilet
* Duas for Wudu (Ablution)
* Duas for Entering Masjid
* Duas for Athan (Call to Prayer)
* Duas for Before & After Meal
* Duas for Drinking Water
* Duas for Breaking the Fast
* Duas for the Children
* Duas for Difficult Times
* Duas for Progression of Wealth
* Dua for Night of Qadr
* Dua for Rain
* Duas to be Read at Arafaat
* Dua for the Tawaaf
* Duas for Making Qurbani
* Duas After Sneezing
* Dua to Pay Off Debts
* Duas for the Cure of Any Illness
* Duas When Death is Eminent
* Duas When Entering the Cemetery
* Duas for Depression

and more...

=> Complete App Features:

>> 90+ Duas from Authentic Traditions!
>> With Arabic Text!
>> English Translation!

>> Easy Browsing of Duas!
>> Fast Loading Pages!
>> No Internet Connection Required!

>> Search Box
>> Mark Any Dua as Favorite!
>> Share Any Dua via Email!
>> Share Any Dua via Facebook!

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May 17 2013