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FANGO is your TV companion app that lets you get closer to your favourite TV Shows and be part of the conversation.

Are you an armchair TV or Sports fan who always has an opinion, and wants to share it with others?

Don’t sit at home watching your favourite show in silence, when you could be taking part in the broadcast and having your voice heard by the nation. Imagine if you could connect to all the other fans at home and share your thoughts and feelings about the show in one place. What if you could demonstrate your passion and compete for the crown of ultimate fan?

Now you can with FANGO from Yahoo!7.

- Check-in to your favourite TV shows and sports events across all major free to air channels.
- Chat with fellow fans or filter your conversation just to your Facebook friends
- Read or comment on the official Facebook and Twitter conversations easily in one place
- Have your say on the action with REAL TIME polls and trivia scripted to synchronize with the action on the TV screen.
- Use Audio Sync in FANGO with the show you are watching for extra content and features.
- Additional news, blogs and video related to the broadcast.

Watch, chat, and vote with FANGO!
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