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Physicians now have access to close to 400 multimedia procedures on their iOS devices. With the Procedures Consult app from Elsevier, access a centralized collection of expert videos, high quality illustrations and text demonstrating essential procedures in detail. The app allows for text and illustration content to be stored on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Recently viewed videos as well as videos selected as favorites can also be stored on the device - making Procedures Consult content available anytime, anywhere.

How to access the Procedures Consult app:

Do you currently access Procedures Consult via your institution?
· Use your personal Procedures Consult account to access Procedures Consult content via the app. Upon downloading the app, select the option 'I use Procedures Consult and know my user name' and enter your Procedures Consult user name and password to start using the Procedures Consult app.
· If you access Procedures Consult via your institution but do not have a personal Procedures Consult account, create a personal account in order to begin using the app. Upon downloading the app, select the option 'I use Procedures Consult but do not have a user name' and follow the on-screen instructions to set up a personal account.

Are you new to Procedures Consult?
· Try the Procedures Consult app risk-free for 30 days. After downloading the app, register for a free trial at and then log into the app using the access credentials you have selected.

This app includes high resolution images and video. Please be patient during download

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