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This App contains over an hour of video and may take time to download

What’s your worst sailing nightmare? The aim of the Crash Test Boat series is to show yachtsmen how to avoid and troubleshoot disaster a sea. It’s a sort of ‘Top Gear’ afloat, but with lifesaving lessons.
Sinking, capsize, dismasting, fire, a gas explosion? Over a period of 8 months, Yachting Monthly magazine tested to total destruction a 42ft Sun Fizz 40 ketch in a series of eight controlled disasters to discover which troubleshooting methods work best.
If your yacht was holed in a collision, how would you stop the flood of water? Would your bilge pumps cope? In the event of a dismasting, could you cut away the rig before it punched a hole in the hull? Could you make a jury rig and sail to safety? How would you cope with a galley or engine fire? In heavy weather, every yachtsman fears a knockdown or, worse, a 360 degree rollover. We created two rollovers with top yachtsman Mike Golding to see what happens in a prepared and an unprepared yacht.
This ground-breaking series has been a step into the unknown each month. There is plenty of first-hand testimony from sailors who have survived crises. But no one has recorded so graphically, on film and in words and pictures, what happens in controlled disaster scenarios.
With the Crash Test Boat series you can learn from our mistakes so you can avoid making your own.

The App contains video, galleries, 360 panorama and you can even capsize a boat through a full 360 yourself.

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