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The 10 Commandments is part of the Bible for Kids Stories which are available on the AppStore. There is also “The Birth of Jesus” currently available in the AppStore! This is an interactive book, that will bring you Bible content for children in a fresh new way. It takes full advantage of the devices capabilities to fully explore the learning experience of the bible for children from ages 3 to 10 years old. This is also a fantastic tool to teach children how to read in an exciting new way!

The 10 Commandments - Bible for Kids offers a great new addition to any family and brings the bible to life in an engaging way never before seen! If you are an avid reader of the bible or simply interested in new ways of telling stories to your children, The 10 Commandments - Bible for Kids offers something new and different for everyone!

From time to time, new stories will be published with colorful drawings, interactive animations on every page, narrative voices for children to follow along with and every issue will feature at least 6 different activities for kids to play with including paint, paint with math, quizzes and memory tests!

These stories are great tools to help children learn to read, learn simple math in an engaging manner and becoming familiar with the bible and it’s characters in new, fun ways!

Download The 10 Commandments - Bible for Kids today!

-Audio/visual interactions on every page
-Engaging games for all ages
-Read aloud function available with text and audio sync
-Entertaining sound effects
-Colorful drawings on every page
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September 21 2013
December 20 2011