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Set of premium dictionaries, which contain up-to-date vocabulary covering a wide range of different subject areas for 6 language combinations.

The following dictionaries are included in the pack:
English ‹-› French: over 170,000 headwords and phrases. A must-have for serious language learners, it also includes informative cultural notes on life in the French-speaking countries.
French ‹-› German: more than 100,000 headwords. It includes special additional information on everyday expressions, usage examples, and supplementary grammar.

French ‹-› Russian: 200,000 headwords and phrases of contemporary Russian and French. Precise and easy-to-use, it also contains advice on grammar and usage. An ideal tool for translators, language teachers and university students, as well as researchers.

The Lingvo French Dictionary Pack provides intuitive word look-up allowing you to find the information you need faster and easier. Not sure of a word? No problem. Just type in any inflected form (even misspelled) and get the translation.

Thanks to the Photo Translation feature, you can easily look up and translate unfamiliar words just by taking pictures of them with the iPhone® built-in camera!

Internet connection is not required!

Compatible with the iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch® (iOS 4.0 and later).

• Reliable and accurate translation
• Comprehensive entries with usage examples, tables of inflected word forms, etc.
• No internet connection required
• Photo translation – the easiest way to look up words using the iPhone 5, 4S, 4 or 3GS built-in camera
• Ability to translate words from pictures uploaded from an iPhone 3G or iPod touch album
Audio pronunciations of most common words by native speakers
• Instant look-up of any unfamiliar word found in the dictionary entries with just a single tap
• Quick word look-up directly from the clipboard
• Search Google, Yandex, and Wikipedia while working with Lingvo


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