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Disney Second Screen: Lady and the Tramp Edition is your interactive window to a new world of exploration, an all-access guide to everything Lady and the Tramp. Explore and zoom in and out of over 800 galleries, scroll through interactive flipbooks, play challenges, and even draw and paint your own characters, all at your fingertips. Sync Disney Second Screen with your Lady and the Tramp Blu-ray™ for a whole new way to watch the movie. Once synched, your iPad will automatically deliver exciting content that digs deeper into what is happening on your TV. Or, you can control the journey at your own pace.

Also included is an additional Bonus Feature: Walt Disney's Apartment 360° Tour. Experience a unique, once-in-a-lifetime look at Walt Disney's private residence hidden above the firehouse in Disneyland. Simply hold your iPad up to magically scroll around the room, and tap on items to have a personal Disneyland hostess tell you stories about them.

You can sample the Disney Second Screen application via Explore on Your Own mode.
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