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The ultimate gift shopping guide for any traveler!

Gift shopping is high on most traveler's to-do lists when visiting a new destination. Well-made, local products not only remind people about the trip they had, but also make great gifts to bring home to share with friends and relatives.

MyCityGiftShopping presents a list of original, locally made products that are perfect for travelers to take home as gifts. No more mass produced, cheap souvenirs, such as T-shirts, mugs, hats, refrigerator stickers, etc. All the gift ideas featured in this app are carefully selected by local experts to represent the local tradition and culture. Additionally, the app features stores and marketplaces where the gifts can be found.

This iPhone application is a mobile companion of the web-based, a Wiki project. The gift ideas are provided by contributors from around the world. The app is designed to work offline. No data plan and no roaming is needed when traveling abroad.

The highlights and main features of this application include:

* Over 60 cities are included in the current version, with more cities added every week.
* Each gift idea includes a description and photo(s).
* User can search for shops that offer a certain gift.
* An off-line city map is included for each city guide to help the user navigate to the gift shop of choice.
* User can create self-guided walking tours to visit multiple gift shops on a single route.

Once the catalog is downloaded, the app works offline, so no Internet or 3G Connection is required, and there is no need to pay costly roaming charges when traveling to foreign cities. The app works with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.
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