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Please note that we are currently troubleshooting an issue with the app where the 250 paid transformations are not being correctly delivered to the app after purchase.

Search and examine 25 (free) or all 250 (paid) important chemical transformations from the best-selling book Strategic Applications of Named Reactions in Organic Synthesis by László Kürti and Barbara Czakó.

The core information from the book has been extracted and brought to a new level, putting named reactions at your fingertips! This easy-to-use interface, complete with many new interactive features, allows you to:

+ Search for reactions by type of reaction, so you can answer questions like, “What reactions enable the conversion of an aldehyde to an alkene?”
+ Search for reactions by reagent, solvent, yield
+ Investigate similar reactions by category (e.g. oxidation or homologation)
+ Browse reactions by name
+ View the historical development of named reactions

Each named reaction includes an abundant amount of detail:

+ Review a comprehensive overview
+ Examine the mechanism to see how the reaction works
+ Learn how the reaction has been used in 3-5 synthetic routes – featuring nearly 1,000 examples
+ Discover key literature references

A helpful list of over 450 chemical abbreviations you may encounter in your research in also included. For each abbreviation or acronym, view the full name and structure, where relevant.

Designed for those active in chemical or process research who need a handy way to investigate the many trusted reactions used by chemists worldwide.

Ideal if you are learning named processes as part of an undergraduate or graduate course, or for quick review of an important organic reaction name that you have forgotten. Also useful to set or solve synthetic problems for research groups.

Try all the functionality and examine 25 full reactions in this free version. Then upgrade within the app to the full version that contains all 250 reactions.

For additional information about named reactions and to send feedback, visit

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