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Islamic App Collection is a kit of 17 MUST-HAVE and Informative Islamic Apps!

You will get access to quality islamic content like:

* Islamic Stories and Quotes
* Dua's from Quran and Prophet(Pbuh)
* Authentic Hadiths and Sunnahs
* Sayings of the Sahaba's(Ra)
* Haj Guide and More!

Enjoy App Features Like:

=>> Beautiful and Easy to Use Interface Design
=>> Share via SMS, Email and Facebook
=>> No Internet Required
=>> Universal App

The App includes the following collection:

* 40 An Nawawis Hadith (40 Hadiths)

* Quran Stories (19 Stories)

* 40 Hadith Qudsi (40 Hadiths)

* Signs of Allah(swt) (45 Signs)

* Quran Duas (100+ Duas)

* Duas of Muhammad(Pbuh) (90 Duas)

* Stories of Prophets (29 Stories)

* Islamic Stories (250 Stories)

* Stories of Sahabas (31 Stories)

* Islamic Quotes (200 Quotes)

* Quran Miracles (100 Miracles)

* Reive a Sunnah (60 Sunnahs)

* The Hajj Guide

* Sayings of Abubakr(RA) (60+ Sayings)

* Sayings of Umar(RA) (70+ Sayings)

* Sayings of Uthman(RA) (30+ Sayings)

* Sayings of Ali(RA) (150+ Sayings)

It's a handy App that will InshaAllah increase your Knowledge about Quran, Duas, Prophets, Companions of the Prophet(PBuh), Sunnahs and more. With a beautiful interface that lets you easily access the information and share it with others!

Download it Now!
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