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This app provides subscribers to the Chemical Resistance of Plastics and Elastomers database with on-the-go access to the complete data set. With the aid of this app, engineers and scientists have instant access to a large body of information about what happens when plastics come into contact with a wide range of different substances - such as acids, petroleum, alcohols and body fluids. The database includes information about the interactions between over 200 plastics and elastomers and nearly 5,000 reagents and other exposure media

The app is designed to help users to make good decisions quickly - selecting the best materials in a wide range of design and manufacturing settings, across industry sectors from food, pharmaceuticals and medical devices to automotive, aerospace and electronics.

As well as providing a large body of test data, Chemical Resistance of Plastics and Elastomers supplies a handy rating number for each test, summarizing the effect of the exposure medium on the given plastic or elastomer.

Subscribers to the Chemical Resistance of Plastics and Elastomers database will benefit from regular updates to the data, which is continually reviewed, enhanced and expanded.

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