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Immerse yourself in the most realistic and beautiful Solar System simulation available for the iPad.

Cosmographia has been designed with obsessive attention to accuracy and detail. It combines stunning 3D graphics with real data for the positions and appearances of planets, moons, dwarf planets, asteroids and spacecraft. Fly along with the Cassini mission to Saturn, orbit a giant asteroid or watch eclipses on Jupiter. Everything is drawn at full Retina resolution on the new iPad (and standard resolution on older devices.)

Cosmographia includes descriptions and data for all the objects you'll visit, so you have the story behind the visuals. All text is original and customized for Cosmographia, full of links that take you to live 3D views of interesting events and spectacular Solar System vistas.

* Navigate freely throughout the Solar System and change the time to observe past, current, and future events.

* Tap the screen to hide the user interface and enjoy perfectly uncluttered space vistas--like looking out the window of a spaceship.

* Experience interplanetary missions, including Cassini, MSL (Curiosity), Voyager 1 & 2, Dawn, and NEAR.

* Track the current positions of the International Space Station and the Hubble Space Telescope. Zoom in on one of these spacecraft and experience what it's like to spacewalk in low Earth orbit.

* Enable the gyroscope at any time to turn your tablet into a moveable window on the universe. Experience what it's like to float near the International Space Station or stand on the surface of a moon of Jupiter.

* High resolution maps for all moons and planets visited by spacecraft.

* Detailed models of asteroids and spacecraft with realistic lighting.
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September 06 2012
June 24 2012