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Discover More is a magazine with a difference. Not only is it full of interesting and informative articles, it also includes elements of a technology that may well become commonplace in the future. Augmented reality enables a reader to use their smartphone or tablet to 'see' additional elements to those printed on the page. By initially downloading this free app, users can then interact with various pages inside the magazine by hovering their device's camera over a particular image on the page, they are then able to access additional content.

Discover More magazine – issue 4

Issue 4 of Discover More includes a cover that comes to life. By activating the cover with your smartphone camera the student cover star, Sid Sagar, pops out the page and comes to life. Watch him talk and walk around on the magazine and then move your device left or right to active the video library. The videos include additional content which give further information about the university and features from inside the magazine.
We hope you enjoy issue 4 of Discover More!
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