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“Ease of use meets power with this new creativity app that combines straightforward animation tools with Disney characters.” – Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award review (v 1.0.0)

“Creativity and imagination are unleashed here as kids are handed the tools that allow their artistic side to shine” – National Parenting Center’s 2013 Seal of Approval review

Pixel art, 8-bit, sprites…whatever you call it, create it with Disney PIXEL'D.

Experience the magic of PIXEL'D, a drawing and animation app that allows you to create amazing, one of a kind pixel art. Create images straight from your imagination or use Disney character pixel stamps to complete your scenes. Experience the joy of seeing your images come to life with an easy frame-by-frame animation system. Export your art to save your best creations. With regular updates and in-app purchases, PIXEL'D is a robust source of entertainment for artists of all ages and abilities.

Animation Interface:

• 20 frames for creating animations

• 3 drawing layers on the canvas

• Shape tools that make drawing even easier with fully adjustable squares, circles, triangles and more

Expansion Packs:

• Stamps and fill patterns feature a wide range of beloved Disney characters and themes, including Disney Princess, Bolt, Mickey and Friends, Cars, and Vintage Mickey 

• In-app purchase options let you buy expanded sets of stamps and fills

Be sure to check out PIXEL'D Plus, everything you love about PIXEL'D, plus a whole lot more

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