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Join the Koala Brothers, Frank and Buster, on their Outback adventure as they help their friends in this amazing, action-packed educational app that is chock full of games, stories and activities. Guaranteed to keep little ones busy for hours!

3-6 year olds are invited to help the Koala Brothers on their interactive Outback mission with 11 different games based upon this popular TV show.

Your Outback missions are:

1. Get Ready for Take-Off!
Frank and Buster need your help to get their famous yellow plane off the ground. Chocks away!

2. Archie’s Loose Tooth
Archie has a loose tooth. Tap on his teeth to see how quickly you can find it. But watch your fingers... Archie’s mouth will snap shut when you touch it!

3. George’s Busy Day
Help George the postman to stamp all of his parcels and deliver them to the right Outback friends.

4. Lolly’s Ice Cream Dream
Build the biggest, tastiest ice cream for Lolly... then eat it quickly before it melts!

5. Ned’s Scary Night
Read along or listen to this 12-page ‘noisy’ story as Ned tries to discover what is keeping him awake at night. Perfect for bedtime!

6. Sammy’s Store
Serve the customers in Sammy’s store by finding the right groceries, then ring them up on the till - ‘Kerching!’ Lots of number fun.

7. Mitzi’s Party
Help Mitzi to make her party the best the Outback has ever seen. Design the party by choosing the decorations, food… and of course the party guests!

8. Penny’s Fishing Trip
Tap the lily pads to find out where the fish are... but watch out, there are some other surprises lurking in the Water Hole!

9. Alice’s Poem
Use rhyming and literacy skills to help Alice write her poem, then create a picture for her by matching up the heads, bodies and legs of her Outback friends – tee-hee!

10. Josie’s Job
Uh Oh - the plane’s run out of petrol. Get Frank and Buster back off the ground by filling their tank with petrol... just don’t add too much!

11. Colouring
Click to colour your favourite Koala Brothers characters!
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