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TripSuite is a set of six essential travel apps rolled into one. TripSuite consists of:

* City Maps and Walks – offline city maps and GPS guided walking tours for 470+ cities.
* MyCityCuisine – A food guide to authentic local cuisine restaurants in 130 cities.
* MyCityGiftShopping – A guide for authentic locally-made souvenirs in 70 cities.
* MyCityAntiquing – A guide to antique shops, fairs, and auction houses in 110 cities.
* Trip Planner – A handy tool for planning daily activities during a trip.
* Hotel GPS – A tool for finding best hotel deals in over 200 countries.

All the city guides works Without Data Plan or Cellular Connection, thus NO roaming when traveling abroad. To learn more about TripSuite, please read the story below.

GPSmyCity Story

How It All Started

Hi, I am Jim, founder of GPSmyCity. I'm a keen traveler and enjoy exploring new destinations – something I have done quite a bit of over the years. The GPSmyCity travel apps were born out of my personal experience and frustrations accumulated during my trips abroad.

Whenever I visit a new place, I always like to check out its well known historic and cultural attractions. Being a foodie, I will definitely taste the authentic local food as it is my firm belief that no trip to a foreign country is complete without trying out its cuisine. I also like to bring home something authentic locally-made, be it a souvenir or a special gift for a friend. Still, whatever modest my trip expectations are, few of them have ever been fully fulfilled.

Back in the old days, visiting tourist sights in a city usually implied hopping on a tour bus or joining a guided group. I've done plenty of both and must say that both are fairly expensive, often costing $20-$50 per person for a half day tour, without much to offer apart from taking you to some well beaten paths. If I came to a city during off season, then I either had to choose from severely limited offerings or was simply left in the cold.

Food and culture are so intertwined that, for a foodie like me, exploring a new destination inevitably involves sampling the local food. However, most restaurant guides that I've come across usually offer a laundry list of restaurants, from fast food to Italian. Very few of them would actually give you insider tips on good restaurants that serve authentic local dishes. Still, finding a decent traditional local food restaurant is only half the battle; more than once I would find myself in a foreign restaurant, staring at the menu wondering “What dish should I order?”

I've had even less luck with buying gifts and souvenirs. Over the years I have bought dozens of T-shirts from different countries simply because I did not know what else is there to buy. Naturally, I would rather bring home some real authentic local specialties as the trip memento.

TripSuite iOS App

When I first saw an iPhone, the idea crossed my mind that iPhone, with its built-in GPS capability, would be a perfect platform for a new kind of travel guides that would solve the problems that I and other like minded travelers have faced during our trips. Since 2009, my team has been working tirelessly to create a set of app city guides which together be named TripSuite. With TripSuite, one can fully enjoy exploring the city attractions, tasting the best authentic local food, and searching for locally-made souvenirs and timeless vintages – things that I have always been wanting whilst traveling.

The TripSuite iOS app is the above six essential travel apps rolled into one. TripSuite reduces the clutter on your iOS device home screen and enables you to access all the essential travel functions within one single application. Since there is an OfficeSuite for work, there ought to be a TripSuite for travelers.

So, this is the brief story of GPSmyCity. I hope you will enjoy using this app. Please feel free to send us your questions, comments or suggestions. Happy traveling to you all!
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