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Attending virtual environments and webcasts has never been easier! If you are part of a mobile workforce or just away from your computer, you still can keep yourself up to date by accessing both live or on-demand webcasts or virtual environments on your iPad!

With a sleek design, multiple viewing layouts, and high quality Audio-Video-Slide presentation delivery, the iPad experience allows you view the webcast in the manner that best fits your personal desire. It’s not only a passive viewing experience either. Participate in voting polls. Ask the presenters questions. It’s all accessible via the iPad now!


To enter an event or environment, simply:
- Register for the event at the specified url in your email or calendar invite
- On the confirmation page presented, or the confirmation email sent to you, click on the url provided to attend via an iPad and you will be automatically entered into the event.

Prior to joining your first webcast, the iPad application must be installed. A minimum OS level of iOS 4.3 is required. Users must be on a WiFi or 3G network connection, and presentation quality is dependent upon quality of the network connection.

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