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The new Australia version of CBeebies On the Go includes new content from our brand new shows Andy’s Wild Adventures and Mr Bloom’s Nursery.

CBeebies On the Go is all about fun and taking a little bit of CBeebies with you wherever you go. It’s a brightly coloured world full of games, activities, wonder and a selection of the favourite CBeebies characters from the TV channel. With simple touch controls designed specifically for young fingers, children can explore and discover delights and surprises throughout CBeebies On the Go.

CBeebies is a pre-school subscription TV channel specially crafted for children aged six years and under. CBeebies provides a range of pre-school programming designed to encourage learning through play in a consistently inspiring and safe environment. The channel's programme schedule consists of the entertaining, trusted and interactive series seen on the UK's own number one children's channel CBeebies, and offers a mix of new, high-quality and creative programmes to educate, entertain and inspire little learners.

The CBeebies channel is wholly-owned by BBC Worldwide. Visit for more.

• Short video clips from a number of CBeebies shows including Baby Jake and Andy’s Wild Adventures.
• Charlie & Lola matching pairs game.
• Kerwhizz jigsaw picture game.
• Numberjacks match the numbers game.
• 3rd & Bird tap the fruit challenge.
• Teletubbies matching pairs game.
• Plus more games and video clips from some your favourite CBeebies shows.

How to play:
• Simple touch controls designed specifically for young fingers.
• Scroll left and right through the brightly coloured world, pinch to zoom in and discover who’s behind the doors and windows.
• Tap the screen to pick the apples from the trees.
• Tap the CBeebies On the Go logo to shortcut to the games and videos or to get back to the CBeebies On the Go world.
• Simple voice and visual instructions help you find your way around the app and explain how to play each game or activity.

• Wifi connection required for initial download.

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