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• A fantastic comic prequel to the Wreck-It-Ralph! movie retelling the great adventure behind the Hero's Duty game!
• Read panel after panel and meet Calhoun, her army and a special doctor who will become really important!
• Enjoy the reading enriched with special sound effects and a new soundtrack inspired by the movie!

Doctor Brad Scott is the only one left in a lab on a secret and unnamed planet trying to face terrible and aggressive Cy-bugs and complete a special weapon that could save his life. When the Space Marines commanded by Sergeant Tammy Calhoun land on the planet and start fighting the bugs as well, Dr. Scott realizes they are his only possibility to survive. What he doesn't know is that the adventure will bring something even more special in to his life.

• 22 interactive comic pages!
• Two reading modes: panel by panel and autoplay!
• Music and special sound effects in each panel!
• The official prequel featuring the real story of the Hero's Duty game

Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains advertising for The Walt Disney Family of Companies.
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