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Everyone dreams about boarding a rocket and blasting off to the stars, but have you ever really thought about the science behind such an intergalactic trip?
Come and join our hero, Junior Astronaut as we learn what it takes to actually Break Through The Space Barrier!

"Junior Astronaut…is out of this world!"

"...children will come away with a firm grasp of rocketry’s basic principles" Kirkus - Best Apps of 2012

"We’re very excited about Junior Astronaut - a marvellous mix of serious science and playful entertainment" Stuart Dredge - The Guardian

"Space is cool again! Jnr Astronaut is a fantastic activity book - highly recommended"  Kris Abel - Newstalk 1010

✭✭✭✭✭ "This is a wonderful educational app which has beautiful illustrations and a fantastic voice over. It's great to see an app which is both educational, well designed and a lot of fun. Loved wrestling with El Gravitino...awesome!" Parent

Conceived, scripted and designed solely with the iPad in mind, Jnr Astronaut uses beautiful illustration, deep interactivity and creative storytelling to engage, entertain and educate a younger audience (ages 9-15) about the science and wonders of space travel.
Inspired by the legendary kid's space books of the 1950s and '60s, we take on the tough topics of gravity, mass, weight and forces and apply them to this perennially exciting, blockbusting and science-packed adventure.
Working with Adam Mann, Wired magazine's space and physics correspondent, each stage has been hand-crafted with interactivity at the heart of the discovery process and readers are encouraged to learn through active participation.

Science covered:
• The early development of rockets and gunpowder
• Air resistance, drag and aerodynamics
• Mass, weight and gravity
• Actions and reactions
• Forces and their effects
PLUS Build your own rocket and test your new knowledge in the Rocket Academy!
• Written, designed and illustrated for the iPad
• 28 interactive scenes, each hand-crafted to tell the story of man's greatest achievement
• Original artwork by British illustrator Chris Madden
• Original music featuring real space communication recordings!
• Readers learn through interacting with the content as opposed to just listening or reading
• No third-party advertising
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February 08 2013
December 28 2012
November 03 2012