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Discover for free the functionality of Animap through 12 animals and their characteristics
"Chocolapps presents: Animap!

With Animap your child will go on an adventure by himself or with the whole family and learn everything there is to know about animals in the world.

Hear their sound, get to know their families, their homes and their food.

The animals are no secret for him? Test their knowledge with the two quizzes.

Let's go for a tour on the interactive world."

Animap for your child is:
*72 active animals to discover
* More than 500 facts and questions about animals in the world
* An easy test for the little ones
*A more complicated test for the whole family
*An app to improve the memory, autonomy, concentration and their general knowledge

We recommend that you discover the app along with your child to show them the various features and empower them to use them on their own.

Used iwithin the classroom, this app can also be an effective resource for personalized work with students.

★★★ Animap, a simple and fun way to help children up to 12 years learn new languages
* The full app with the same functionalities in English and French.

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* join a community of parents
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★★★ The Chocolapps Kid-eBooks collection
* The Chocolapps Kid-ebooks collection includes: The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Puss in Boots, Pinocchio, The Jungle Book, Cinderella, The Adventures of Peter Pan, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Zorro

★★★ Ways to connect with Chocolapps
* On Facebook:
* On Twitter @chocolapps_en
* On the Web at
* Contact us:
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