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◆Jump And Fly To Save Loving Family! ◆
Introducing all new generation penguin action game!

Official game from Free Call・Messaging Application LINE.
Play jumping action game「LINE Air Penguin Friends」.

■What is LINE Air Penguin Friends?
Well, you’ll have to control penguin, who’s very poor swimmer to safely cross to the other distance by jumping around floating ice.
Choose playing character from father penguin, mother penguin, polar bear and ninja penguin to safely cross the melting ice.

■How to Play?
LINE Air Penguin Friends is a action game using gyroscope function of Smartphone.
Tilt your device up and down, side to side to control jumping penguin not to fall in the icy water. Furthermore, watch out for vicious obstacles disturbing your penguin friend through the game play. Don’t give up and safely cross the melting ice to meet up loving family.

■Play Tip
Don’t rush to jump crossing the ice. Vicious sharks come out from calm water to eat you up.
Carefully crossing the ice and use support items at a critical moment.

■Play Together With Your LINE Friends!
Compete with your LINE friend for better ranking points. Even if you see your friend’s drown spot, just ignore and jump for further distance.

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