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Multiple choice questions (MCQs) are an essential part of many formal assessment processes, and a useful tool in clinical practice. However, they are notoriously difficult to study for.

Practice Exams in Emergency Medicine is structured to reflect the topics covered in the core curriculum of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine fellowship program. It contains evidence-based, clinically relevant and practical multiple choice questions in adult and paediatric emergency medicine. It has been written by expert authors who have drawn from their own experience and ACEM recommended textbooks and peer-reviewed journals.
Each question includes an evidence-based explanation, references from current literature including peer-reviewed journals and a relevant additional reading list.


•3 exam papers
•60 MCQs per paper
•Timed to be completed in 90 minutes
•Rationale to be displayed for correct and incorrect responses.
•References included with each rationale
•Publish scores to facebook
•Quick Quiz
•One question per spin
•Immediate feedback per question (ie correct/incorrect)
•Rationale to be displayed for correct and incorrect responses.
• References included with each rationale
• Abbreviation finder

This app is aimed at enhancing your knowledge and improving your critical thinking skills while helping you to identify gaps in your knowledge. It will be useful in your everyday clinical practice as well as during your preparation for examinations.
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