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Interactive design calculations, formulas and charts, along with codes, equipment, construction and maintenance information make this the go-to source for pipeline answers.

For over 30 years, pipeline professionals have turned to the Pipeline Rules of Thumb for quick and accurate solutions to pipeline problems. Now you can get these trusted guidelines supported by the power of interactive calculations: whether you are in the field of the office, you will spend less time doing math and more time managing your project.

Also included are simple graphical illustrations and answers to common questions in the pipeline business. This new incarnation of the classic reference includes essential information such as: pipe design calculations, calculating grounding resistance, National Electrical Code and ASTM standard reinforcing bars, pump capacity calculations, and much more.

* Interactive calculations let you enter real world variables for problem solving
* Solutions to common pipeline construction, design, and engineering problems in one convenient resource
* Interactive graphs make short work of data interpretation
* Searchable, bookmark-able and customizable text makes the content easy to navigate

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