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1. New Buddies have joined.
6-Star Buddy.
Added Buddies that are specialized for materials of Buddy Fusion.
2. Added a sorting feature of buddies.
You are able to sort your buddies on the Fusion and buddy selecting screen.
You are able to save your buddies in your Favorites.
3. Improved the 5th Boss Character.
4. Fine-tuned user interface and game balance.
5. Fixed some minor bugs

The rules are simple!
Move your ninja left and right to avoid obstacles, defeat enemies and keep going as far as you can!
Hit any enemy ninja or obstacles and it is game over.
Rescue your captured buddies to have them come to aid your battle!
Use the Gold you earn during the game to buy Power Ups at the shop to go even further!
You can take up to 5 buddies with you. Summon them to gain even more powerful help!

You can even level up your buddies by fusing them! Try it out!
More fun with LINE friends!
If you have LINE friends, you can send each other Game Tickets (Sushi).

Have fun!

Supported devices
iPhone3G or later. iOS 5.0 or later.
iPod touch (3rd, 4th, or 5th generation).
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