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Created with educational experts, "Cinderella: Shapes & Patterns" is a Disney Connected Learning app that helps children identify shapes and create patterns while interacting with some of their favorite Cinderella characters. This game is designed for players ages 4-7 with three different curricular levels.

With the help of Cinderella's loyal mice friends Gus and Jaq, create beautiful dresses for Cinderella's big night at the royal ball! Become a fashion designer and tailor gorgeous gowns by selecting shapes, creating patterns, decorating with jewels, choosing a fabric color, and accessorizing. Then dress Cinderella up in every beautiful gown you make! Each new dress you create will be added to Cinderella's closet where it can be accessed for dress-up play. The more dresses you make, the more options you will have for dressing Cinderella up!

•The voices of Cinderella, Gus, and Jaq guide you through the experience.
•Learning topics include: Recognizing, sorting and creating patterns as well as shape identification.
•Create dazzling gowns for Cinderella’s royal ball.
•Accessorize with different purses, brooches, and stylish hairpieces.
•Unlock more than 10 gown patterns for dress-up fun!
•Exclusive, optional parent enabled gift unlocks and player achievement notifications through Disney’s free Parent App on Facebook.
•No third party advertising or in-app purchases.

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