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Master the core principles for your rotation or residency with Andreoli and Carpenter’s Cecil’s Essentials of Medicine, now rebuilt for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, PC & Mac on Inkling. As a universal app, you pay one price to get this book on all of these devices.

Optimized for each device, this popular and concise reference is now always at your fingertips. Watch, listen, tap and learn from dozens of instructional videos, audio clips, and hi-res, zoomable slideshows. Plus, quickly find what you need with a robust search that pulls results from your notes, the text and even the web.

Details about Cecil’s Essentials of Medicine on Inkling:
• Rich Media: Life doesn't stand still—and neither should your book. Dozens of instructional videos and audio recordings are just a tap away.
• Tap and Go: Step through clinical photographs grasp key concepts with hi-res, zoomable slideshows that present information in a concise and intuitive way.
• Book as Browser: Need a page number fast or can’t remember a certain idea? Use search and pull up results from your notes, the glossary, everything in the book, and even the web.
• Navigate with Ease: The text is filled with cross-links, so switching between referenced content, figures, and diagrams is as intuitive as clicking through a website.
• When you create an Inkling account in the app on your iPad or iPhone, you can then access all of Cecil’s Essentials of Medicine on the web as well, through Plus, all of your notes and annotations will sync between all devices, including your computer.
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