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mixIT is the easiest way to mix your photos in your iOS device. With this tool, you can design a fantastic digital poster/collage to show to your friends or print it as a postcard and have it sent directly to your home or to someone else’s home!

MixIT gives you complete creative control! You create your own horizontal posters from scratch, and since it is so easy to manipulate photos on iOS you can build this in just a few minutes - merge photos, add all kinds of texts, stickers, etc.

You can test your “masterpiece” in your own printer or share it with your friends through Facebook!

Start building your own mix of photos today with mixIT!

- Import photos from the device, and from Facebook and Picasa;
- Edit photos (increase size, drag, delete, apply shadows, frames, and colors);
- Add photo effects (enhance, saturation, contrast, sharpen, erase red-eyes, draw, apply a photo filter and many other effects);
- Advanced photo cropping tools;
- Pixelization warning;
- Convert photos into backgrounds;
- Template backgrounds and patterns;
- Template frames;
- Edit text (drag, zoom, delete, color and border size);
- Restores original photos and text display;
- Add a map;
- Share it on Facebook;
- Print it (AirPrint);
- Order postcards;

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