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Become a student of scares and screams with the MU Scare 101 App, and graduate with horrors from Monsters University! The frightfully fun App can be used on its own, but for A+ results, use it to bring the four Monsters University Speak-N-Scare action figures to life.

•Mike Wazowski, Sulley, Squishy and Art can each be given their own unique Scares. Use the Scare Booster to record up to 5 custom Scares.

•For extra chills, add special effects to your Scare by making it squeakier, deeper, more growly, or spookier by adding echo . . . echo . . . echo . . .!

•Transfer up to 5 of your custom Scares to your Speak-N-Scare monster and you'll be on course for major frights!

•Take the Scare Exam by using the App to rate your Scares. Get top marks for Scariness, Ferocity, Loudness and Pitch and you might have a career as a Future Top Scarer, just like Sulley!

•Use the Scare Remote feature to make your Speak-N-Scare monster speak over 40 individual phrases from the Monsters University universe.

•Go on a haunting trip around campus by remotely triggering the 3 pre-recorded Scares or choose from your own custom Scares, once you've transferred them to your Speak-N-Scare monster.

Works with iPhone 3GS®, iPhone 4®, iPhone4S®, iPhone 5®, iPod touch® (4th generation), iPod touch® (5th generation), & iPad®.

Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Monsters University Speak-N-Scare action figures are available exclusively at Disney Stores and

To learn more about Monster University Speak-N-Scare action figures or the MU Scare 101 App, please go here.

If you like the Monster University Speak-N-Scare action figures and the MU Scare 101 App, then feel free to rate and review us.

We look into all issues that our users report. If you experience any problems please contact us at:

For additional information about our practices in the United States and Latin America regarding children’s personal information, please read our Children’s Privacy Policy at
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