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Lengthen out with a ‘dellooone’ for the highest score!
A drop line puzzle game: "LINE dellooone"

An official LINE game
Connect the cute ‘Sweets’ together!

■ What kind of game is it?
Connect three or more falling ‘Sweets’ and make them disappear!
Clear many ‘Sweets’ and aim for the highest score!

■ How to enjoy "LINE dellooone"
・Move the falling ‘Sweets’ by flicking them right, left and down (drop). You can also tap them to rotate. Connect 3 or more of the same ‘Sweets’ to clear them!
・When ‘Sweets’ are cleared, the neighboring ‘Sweets’ will extend with ‘dellooone’ style. While extended, if the same three or more ‘Sweets’ touch, these will also disappear, increasing your score!
・When ‘Sweets’ are cleared, the FEVER GAUGE will fill. When the gauge is full, FEVER is launched for a chance to get a higher score!
・Set up items before playing, for a chance of an even higher score. GEMS can be exchanged for items.

■ Play with LINE friends!
Challenge your LINE friends in the high score ranking. You can also give a HEART, which is needed for gameplay. Enjoy together with your friends!
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