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Access Hadith Al-Bukhari in English on you're iPhone, iPod and iPad :)

App Features:
- It's FREE
- Browse chapters easily
- Quick filter to find the chapters you're looking for
- View the chapter number and hadith number
- Hadith preview page gives you a preview of every hadith
- Share hadiths using SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter
- Use the COPY function to copy any hadith along with it's reference
- Adjustable font size for smooth reading

Un-lock the PRO version and get even more advanced features like:

● Powerful Search Engine
- Lets you search the Complete Book
- Use advanced search operators to quickly find what you're searching for
- Search the Hadith numbers

● Bookmarks
- Add as many bookmarks as you want
- Allows you to continue reading from where you left

● Tags
- Create folders like: Faith, Prayers, Fasting, Zakaat etc and Tag hadiths to them
- Access the Tagged hadith any time from the Tags page

● Notes
- Add you're own notes to the Hadiths
- And access them any time from the Notes section

More Features:
- Beautiful and easy to use interface that lets you read, organize and share the Hadiths
- Universal App: works with iPhone, iPad and iPod
- Supports Retina Display

Download now its FREE!!!
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