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Fun for the whole family!
Introducing a new puzzle game for all ages – LINE Touch Touch
Easy to play: Join 2 of the same blocks by touching them

■How to play
LINE Touch Touch is a simple yet addictive picture-matching puzzle game. Find two blocks of the same design, and Touch Touch to eliminate them! Be careful though – you need to join them with a line which can only make up to two turns, so blocks cannot be eliminated if there are obstacles or other blocks in the way!

Achieve 8 combos to enter into Fever Time! Touch any block during Fever Time to eliminate it immediately! Need to blow off some steam? Then it’s Touch Touch time!

■Play with your LINE friends!
Have even more fun playing with your LINE friends! You can send and receive the Hearts needed for each play, and compete with one another on the ranking!

1) Combo & Fever Time: It’s not that hard to enter into Fever Time – all you need is to achieve 8 combos! Fever Time is your best chance to score! Go nuts and Touch Touch as many blocks as you can!
2) Colored Hearts system: Each type of Heart has a different effect depending on its color. Choose the perfect color for the occasion and improve your score!
3) Block collection: Collect the lovely blocks for more fun and more points! After you collect all the blocks in one category, you’ll be able to use them in the game! Collect your favorite designs to make the game even more enjoyable!
4) Game mode: There are 4 different levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Extreme. Practice using the easier modes, then move on to challenge yourself in the harder ones!
5) Special items: There are so many items you can use in the game! Use them wisely to achieve amazing scores!
6) Gift box system: Send and receive Hearts with your friends, and have fun on Touch Touch together!

Join the adorable animals in the LINE Touch Touch fever today!

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