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◆◇Line up shiny gems!◇◆

◆The boss Dreamy Cat-girl joins the battle!

She will appear randomly to fight you,
and if you win, you'll get a new item for free!
More bosses will also be added in future updates!

◆Daily Missions added!

Clear Daily Missions every day to get free items!

[The Game]
Line Drop is a puzzle game where you line up shiny
gems to make them disappear!
Use the global messaging service, LINE, to compare
scores with friends!

[The Rules]
The rules are simple!
All you have to do is flick rows of gems to line up
3 of the same color to clear them from the screen!

●Score Mode
Clear as many gems as you can within the time
limit to get a high score.

●Mission Mode
Clear missions within a time limit.
You can use these missions as training to
get better at the game, and if you clear enough,
you'll be rewarded!

[Get a High Score]
Getting combos will create Spirit Gems that,
when cleared, will clear all gems of the
same color on the screen, giving you
lots of points!

●Bonus Fever
Clearing 3 Spirit Gems will put you into Bonus
Fever mode, which ups the points you get for
clearing gems!

●Lucky Color
Make sure you check what your Lucky Gem of the
day is. Clearing gems that are the same color
as your Lucky Gem will earn you double the points!

Items with different, helpful effects will become available
to you as your level gets higher. Try them out!

[Play with LINE Friends]
You'll have double the fun if you play with friends on LINE!
You can send and receive presents, and help each other with
bosses—there are lots of fun things to do!

So have fun together!

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