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“Excellent early language/writing/creativity experience for elementary classrooms” – Children’s Technology Review (Editor’s Choice Award)

Let your child’s imagination run wild with Kerpoof Tell a Story! Kids can create their very own interactive stories with a collection of adorable dinosaurs and lush prehistoric scenery. Watch your characters come to life when you read your stories. Tap a dinosaur to hear it growl and roar! Tap a volcano to see it erupt!

Kerpoof Tell a Story makes it easy and fun to create rich, adventurous tales. Thirteen dinosaurs (each with multiple poses), 20 backgrounds, and up to 30 pages per story add up to endless storytelling fun!

Build your own dino story
- Stamp multiple dinosaurs on each page to tell your story
- Switch between different poses for each dinosaur
- Add an assortment of plants, rocks, trees and other items to each page
- Reorder and delete the pages of your story with ease

Create a narrative
- Add text to each page to tell your story
- Use speech bubbles to add dialog
- Record audio and give your characters their own voice

Read mode brings your pages to life
- Tap dinosaurs and other items for fun animations and sound effects
- Tap parts of the background to see it come alive
- If you’re not sure what to tap, look for the sparkle on interactive items

Access your stories easily
- Stories are automatically saved on the main screen bookshelf

Kerpoof Tell a Story is based on the popular web app from, an online creativity website that allows kids to unleash their imagination with a suite of award winning tools.

Ages 6 and up

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