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⇒"Kid e-Cook is a wonderful activity app that allows you and your juniors to play as a cook preparing meals for everyone else in the house." Geekswithjuniors (May 2013)

=>"With this app, you and your child will have a unique way to have fun and create simple recipes" (June 2013)

Grab your pinny and get in the kitchen for your first recipe.

Discover the first recipe for free and if you like that one, you can buy a book with more recipes.

Recipes that are easy to make and no mess
Find all the utensils you need to make delicious recipes in a well-equipped kitchen, and become a real cordon bleu chef!

KideCook enables you to learn: measuring ingredients, food and how to cook and mix them. A real chef!

You will find all the ingredients to make some fabulous recipes: fruit, eggs, milk, water, butter, chocolate, sugar, flour, vanilla, rice, semolina… and much more!

You need the right equipment to cook like a professional. A kitchen always has an oven, hotplates, a refrigerator and, last but not least, cupboards.

"Try these recipes with your parents ""for real"" and send photos of your best creations to our facebook page:"

For parents:
We recommend that you discover the app along with your child to show them the various features and empower them to use them on their own.

Used iwithin the classroom,this app can also be an effective resource for personalized work with students.

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The Chocolapps Kid-eLearn collection
* The Chocolapps Kid-eLearn collection includes: The human body explained by Tom,Animap,The Little Market - Fruits,vegetables,meat,and fish,From Earth to Space, Kid-eCook

The Chocolapps Kid-eBooks collection
* The Chocolapps Kid-eBooks collection includes: The Three Little Pigs,Goldilocks,Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves,Hansel and Gretel,Little Red Riding Hood,Jack and the Beanstalk,Puss in Boots,Pinocchio,The Jungle Book,Cinderella,The Adventures of Peter Pan,The Adventures of Robin Hood,Snow White,The Little Mermaid,Zorro

The Chocolapps Kid-eGames collection
* The Chocolapps Kid-eGames collection includes: Funky Fingers,Mr Mouse,MemoKids Animals,Karanimos,Hide & Seek - Hunt around and find the hidden objects,The Sounds of Life - Discovery of sounds and images,Puzzle by Chocolapps
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