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Free unique week-by-week expert guide from leading parenting website MadeForMums in association with Heinz Baby, featuring daily recipes and meal planners.

The app is completely free – there are no hidden charges and all content below is included free of charge. Plus, all recipes, guides and tools found on this app can be used offline, so once you have downloaded the app you can use it anywhere!

This app is available on iPhone and iPad, and features:

* 193 weaning recipes - including first purees, meat, fish and vegetarian meals, finger foods, breakfast ideas, puddings and healthy snacks

* 26 weekly meal planners - every meal you need to feed your baby for the first 6 months of weaning with age-specific recipes

* 106 expert articles - step-by-step weekly advice and guidance, plus what to buy and help if things go wrong

* Shopping list - easy one-click function to add ingredients from your favourite recipes or daily meal planner for an instant shopping list - perfect to use in the supermarket

* Create your own meal planners - build your own weekly planners from 26 weeks of recipes

* Help from Heinz - advice and tips from nutritional experts at Heinz Baby
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