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Three Little Pigs is a beautiful interactive production that teaches children an important lesson in life of how hard work leads to success. See this remarkable story come to life like never before!!! Enjoy amazing interactive activities, superb animation and brilliant sound effects your children are sure to enjoy.

This interactive storybook provides endless hours of pleasure, through its beautiful storyline, fascinating animated scenes, as well as its vivid and colorful animations and engaging interactions.

What’s Inside:
• Help the three little pigs embark on their Journey - interactive activity
• Watch how the big bad wolf chases the three little pigs- entertaining activity
• Help the three little pigs build houses & outsmart the wolf - engaging activity
• Join the three little pigs when they invite their mother to live with them - a joyous celebration

NEW exciting and educational games on each book page!
• Jigsaw puzzles - Awesome puzzles enhance the story and promote critical thinking skills
• Paint-a-Picture - Dozens of coloring pages and paints
• Counting - 1 to 10 counting game is cool and fun
• Match It - Fire up your child’s memory skills with this smart activity!
• More fun & educational games inside!

• Beautiful HD illustrations joined with a rich narrative on every page
• “Read to Me” - automatically reads each page of the story to you
• “Read it Myself” - allows you to control the reading yourself
• “Auto Play” - automatically reads the entire story to you
• Enjoy numerous engaging and fun animations on each page.

TabTale’s interactive storybooks provide an exciting interactive reading experience for our most beloved children's stories. Richly filled with innovative and engaging activities, each book inspires young children’s creativity and imagination in a uniquely enjoyable and interactive way.

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If your sound isn't working, make sure that the sound switch turned on (on the side of your iPad/iPhone/iPod), activate the application then turn up the volume and check the Settings in the app.

Not recommended for old iPhone2 / iPod Touch2 devices

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