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Summer is here! Have the best Beach Food Party!

Be in charge of multiple Beach Food stands like the Ice Pop stand, Milkshake stand, and your very own Sundae stand!

Create amazing ice pops! Different ice pop shapes for you to choose from! Give your ice pops some delicious personalities by decorating it with cute faces and gummy treats! Attach fruits and candy sweetness to your ice pops too!

Blend yummy milkshakes and with so many flavors to choose from the possibilities are endless! Top them off with colorful candies and refreshing fruit. Don’t forget to add a straw so you can enjoy your shake!

Make yummy ice cream sundaes. So many different sundae bowls, cups, and cones to choose from! Drizzle syrup and decorate your sundae with bon-bons, fruits, and ornaments. Don’t forget to add a quirky spoon or it will be messy to eat!

Presentation is key! Make your creations look just as scrumptious as it tastes!

Don’t forget to share your creations with friends before eating them!
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