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Make your rock star dreams come true with Drums Complete! Rock out to over 900 beats as you play along to hundreds of full length rock beats. Or chill while playing or listening to caribbean and latin beats. Have a blast banging out world and ethnic beats like the Polka! Jazz beats and tons of others included in this great low priced app. No in app purchases, all 900+ beats included in one low price. This app is a steal and a great value. Get it now!

Drums Complete features an innovative learning system that lets you learn at your own speed. Every beat is broken down into the individual drum patterns, so you can learn each beat by selecting only the drums you want to play. The app will play the rest for you perfectly in sync with you. You can learn the sheet music, use the colored star system, or just watch the falling stars on the drums themselves! Once you've mastered a beat, you can even test your skill with the "Perform" mode and earn scores and trophies!

Play the 900+ beats using the best drum kit available, included for free with the app! With rich sound and incredible response, these drums sound and feel like the real thing. Hit the drums harder for louder sounds, or lightly for quiet beats. Play the snare drum traditionally, or use a sidestick technique for a more jazzy sound. You can play your hi-hat open, closed, or using the pedal for the widest range of beats. Silde your finger across the screen for easy drum rolls, or jam away with all five fingers at once!

*Full featured drum kit with multitouch, fast response
*Tap drums hard for loud drum hits, soft for quiet ones!
*Rich professionally recorded sound!
*Over 900+ beats in 20 categories including Rock, Latin, Jazz, Folk, Dance, and more...
*Every beat includes sheet music, independent drum patterns, and learn/perform modes!
*Play along mode automatically syncs to your position in the beat!
*Record and save an unlimited number of your own beats!

Become the ultimate drummer with Drums Complete!
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