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Thank you for supporting LINE GAME. It is with heavy hearts that we announce that service for LINE Neko Copter is drawing to an end. We would like to offer our thanks to all of our players for supporting this great title.
Purchases of paid points will no longer be available from 3 pm on Wednesday, April 2, 2014 (GMT+9).

Fly the skies with Neko Copter!!

Who can jump the farthest? Neko Copter is a ski-jumping game with a twist.
Yep! Spin Neko’s tail when you’re in the air to go even further!

■How to play
- Focus on Timing
When Neko gets to the edge of the jump ramp, press the middle button to JUMP!
Want longer distances? Then timing is the key!

- Copter Power
That’s right! Spin Neko’s tail to maintain altitude for longer jumps – Simply tap the middle button repeatedly in the air to keep Neko’s tail spinning. It uses up Neko’s Paw Gauge, but don’t worry, give it time and it will recover.

- Avoid Collisions
Don’t let anything get in the way of your top score. Use the left and right buttons to avoid birds, buildings and other obstacles – you can even avoid them by tilting your device!

■Useful Tips
- Improve your Distance
Cyclones, Wind Tunnels and more.
There are many items scattered across the level which can help boost your distance!
Use them wisely!

- Complete Trials & Get Rewards
Medals, Costumes, Cat Food and many more items are available!
Get ‘em all and impress your friends!

- Express Yourself
Get different Costume items by completing Trials and customize your cat the way you want!

- Be Nice to Kittens
…and they will be nice to you! Give them balloons you pick up along the way and they will give you brilliant items in return!

- Bonus, Bonus & Bonus
Start the game and get a login bonus once a day.
You get a bonus when you level up too!
Keep playing and get those bonuses!

Supported devices/OS
iOS 4.0 or higher
iPhone 4S or later
iPod 5th generation or later
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