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An official game from LINE, the free calling and messaging app.

Help baby seal Fluffy find his lost mother, simply by tapping the screen!
A cute and exciting diving game – LINE Fluffy Diver

■How to Play
Baby Fluffy is on an expedition to find his lost mother, but he’s too young and too small to swim all alone in the wide ocean…
Help him avoid obstacles and swim far!

■Simple operations
Just tap!!!
・Tap while Fluffy is in the sea to help him dive deeper.
・Fluffy will jump out of the water when you let go. Tap while he’s in the air and he’ll dive into the water again!

■Tips for enjoying LINE Fluffy Diver
・When the Fluffy Power Gauge at the top left of the screen is used up, Fluffy will be too tired to swim anymore. (Game Over!)
・Collect the Clams! Save up Clams to meet other Divers and Buddies.
・Swim close to the rocks without knocking into them, and get higher scores for your close shaves.
・Take more Buddies with you to get better scores!
・Jump high when you see the Seagull! It can give Fluffy a hand.
・Ride on the Whale’s spray to jump even higher!
・Invite your LINE friends to get Clovers.

■Special items in LINE Fluffy Diver
・Mystery Box: Open it to find a surprise!
・Magnet: Equip Fluffy with a Magnet to collect loads of Clams!
・Shield: Protects Fluffy from one bump.
・Buddy Growth Bottle: Helps Buddies grow faster.

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