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***Soar to new heights as you unlock the new characters from Disney’s upcoming film Planes!
***Locate the Disney’s Planes logo ANYWHERE, scan it with your camera, and unlock one character per day!
***Complete your adventure album to prepare for the film’s release in theatres in 3D August 9!

Disney’s Planes is flying into theatres in 3D August 9, so over the summer, be on the lookout for Dusty, El Chupacabra, and the rest of the characters popping up around you. When you spot anything with a logo for Disney’s Planes, open up your Scan & Fly and hold it up to the logo. Every day, you’ll have one opportunity to unlock a character and complete your Adventure Album!

You’ll also get an exclusive preview of the new Digital Storybook Deluxe for Disney’s Planes!

• Image recognition that allows you to scan a Disney’s Planes logo and unlock characters!
• One character trading card can be unlocked every day for a total of 10!
• Get an exclusive preview of the Digital Storybook Deluxe for Disney’s Planes!

Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains advertising for The Walt Disney Family of Companies.
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