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Test your knowledge of nursing care with this exciting, new app. As a part of the ClinicalCases app series, the Nursing Care app is perfect for use during exam preparation or as a study tool, providing an engaging approach to learning and revision. This app can be used alongside Tabbner’s Nursing care or as a standalone product.

The complete Nursing Care app contains the following content:

•24 progressive case studies, with MCQs integrated throughout and rationales provided for all answers. The initial download of Nursing Care includes two case studies: Cultural Diversity in Australia and New Zealand & Skin Integrity and Wound Care.
•150 flash cards testing the app user on key terms and definitions
•Word games
The following options are available for purchasing Case Studies:

1.Purchase all 22 remaining Case Studies
2.Individual Case Study
3.Bundles of 2 Case Studies

•Acute Care & Behavioural & Social Aspects of Disability
•Bowel Elimination & Urinary Elimination
•Communication & Community-Based Care
•General Health Assessment 1 & General Health Assessment 2
•Emergency Care & Leadership and Management
•Legal and Ethical Aspects of Nursing Care & Maternal and Newborn Care
•Medications 1 & Medications 2
•Mental Health & Movement and Exercise
•Perioperative Nursing 1 & Perioperative Nursing 2
•Palliative Care & Rehabilitation Nursing
•Vital Signs 1 & Vital Signs 2

The Nursing Care app is an engaging and alternative way to learn at your own pace – wherever, whenever!
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