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Discover the best TV to watch today with the award-winning daily guide to what’s on – whether it’s on the usual TV channels like BBC and ITV, on catch-up services like BBC iPlayer and 4OD or on demand from Netflix, iTunes, Blinkbox and more.

-> NEW: Sky TV customers can now record TV programmes to their Sky+ box directly from the app*
-> Movies: we love films as much as you do – so we pick the best films you can watch for free today (all available on Freeview or catch-up).
-> Full TV listings, with separate radio listings to make it easier to jump to your favourite channels**
-> Expert daily recommendations for the best TV programmes and films on TV today.
-> Tailor your TV channels to match you provider; Sky, Virgin, Freeview, Freesat or pick your own from the hundreds available.
-> Dedicated reviews and picks for the best new and classic shows on catch-up and video on demand.
-> Radio show recommendations - the airwaves are packed with fantastic programmes and hidden gems.

What's coming up?
There’s a lot in development, especially around making listings look and work as best it can. We’re forever tinkering to prevent crashes and speed up the app, as well as looking at improvements to how your ‘favourites’ can be more useful. We do listen to your feedback and reviews in the AppStore – if you have any suggestions please do email us at

DiscoverTV won the Digital Innovation of the Year - Consumer Media category at the PPA Awards 2014 and the Launch 2014 category at the AOP Digital Publishing Awards 2014.

*Sky+ subscription required. On first use you will need to log in to your Sky account.
**Please note that if you are using an Ad Block it will need to be turned off for the listings grid to work.
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